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Good quality Blister Packaging Machine for sales
Good quality Blister Packaging Machine for sales
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  1. In the phrase "Quality Control", the word "quality" does not have the general meaning of "best" in absolute terms. Quality means “the most suitable for a certain customer”. These requirements are: a. the actual use of the product; b. the selling price of the product.
  2. In the phrase “quality control”, the term “control” refers to a management tool that consists of four steps: a. developing quality standards; b. evaluating the implementation of standards; c. corrective actions taken when deviating from the standard ;d. arrange a plan to improve the standards.
  3.  Factors affecting product quality can be divided into two categories: a. technical aspects, ie machines, materials and processes; b. human aspects, ie operators, team leaders and other personnel of the company. Among these two factors, the human factor is much more important.
  4. Total quality management is an important means of providing excellent product design, processing methods and serious product maintenance services that are always needed for quality products.
  5.  The basic principles of quality management apply to any manufacturing process. Due to the different industries and scales, the methods are slightly different, but the basic principles are still the same. The difference in method can be summarized as follows: In mass production, the focus of quality management is on products, and in single-piece small batch production, the focus is on control processes.
  6. Quality management runs through all stages of the industrial production process. The first is to send the product to the user and perform installation and on-site repair services.
  7.  Effective control of factors affecting product quality must be controlled at all major stages of the production or service process. These controls are called quality of work, and can be divided into four categories according to their nature: a. new design control; b. incoming material control; c. product control
  8.  Establishing a quality system is one of the most effective methods and means of conducting quality management.
  9. Quality cost is a means of measuring and optimizing total quality management activities.
  10.  In terms of organization, total quality management is a tool of the upper management department, which is used to delegate the powers and responsibilities of product quality, so as to avoid the trivial matters of the upper management department and retain the upper management to ensure satisfactory quality results. The purpose of the means.
  11. In principle, the general manager should become the “master designer” of the company's quality management work. At the same time, he and other major functional departments of the company should also promote the company's efficiency, modernization, quality control and other aspects.
  12. From the perspective of interpersonal relationships, the quality management organization includes two aspects: a. providing quality information and communication channels for all relevant personnel and departments; b. providing relevant employees and departments to participate in the entire quality management work. 
  13. Quality management must be fully supported by the upper management. If the support of the upper management is not enthusiastic, then it is impossible to achieve real results by propagating more to others in the company.
  14. In the overall quality management work, mathematical statistics methods are used whenever and wherever. However, mathematical statistics methods are only one part of total quality management, and it is not equal to total quality management.
  15. Total quality management activities should be carried out step by step within the company's scope. It is wise to choose one or two quality topics to solve and succeed, and then implement the quality management plan step by step in this way.
  16. An important feature of total quality management is the control of quality from its roots. For example, promoting and establishing his sense of responsibility and concern for product quality by measuring the results of the operator himself is the positive result of total quality management.
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